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We are a bunch of engineers, problem-solvers and doers on a mission to change the way home painting or office painting is done. easypainter.in was built on the vision to streamline processes and empower individual painters and service providers to deliver amazing experience, to everyone,every time, through technology integration. We are working on to get over the old school way of painting services provided by local painting contractors or painters. We have come a long way,creating happy homes on both sides, only to go further.

How we work?

Matchless transparency in wall area measurements and cost of painting. Expert assistance on best wall paints, all types of wood and metal paints. Colour consultancy to help you choose colour combinations for living room, bedroom, kitchen and for every interior and exterior wall. We provide interior wall painting, exterior wall painting, texture painting, wall stencil painting, wood painting and polishing and metal painting services. Experience easypainter seamless painting service, in Delhi ncr. Let’s give your home the perfect return gift!

Why We Do It?

Idea of easypainter is to remove the pain from painting. Forget all the running around, negotiations and compromises you had to deal with old school painting contractors and local painters. We are removing the inefficiencies in the process of painting homes and spaces. No more is just writing on walls easy, we have made wall painting easier too. Joy of being a part of your beautiful space and the happiness of witnessing our professional painters fly for the first time, keeps us going.

 easypainter comprises a well formed, creative, and professional team of painters

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frequently asked questions

What is Easypainter?

easypainter.in is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation and service guarantee. easypainter.in manages the entire process online, from paint selection, to quotes to service booking, project management and payment. We, at Easypainter are on mission to revolutionize the way homes get painted.

What is the overall procedure once I place a contact request?

You will receive a call from us very soon. Then as per your comfort, we schedule a visit at your site and our qualified engineers will guide you with all your requirements along with helping you choose the right product, keeping your budget intact. Further, you get an email with completely customized quotation on the same day (in the best of situations). View your quotation, along with detailed measurements on your dashboard. We are always available, should you need any clarification or further customization.

Why Easypainter and not any local painter?

We are true to our work and words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure exact square foot. Use the exact materials promised. And yes, we deliver on time, always. All of Easypainter's painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and satisfaction.

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Cost for painting a house interior
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