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Term of Services

  • This quotation is issued by Easypainter and contractor and constitutes a contract with the customer only when the client makes the first payment.
  • Any work, which is out of the scope of this quotation or not performed by the contractor, shall not be covered by this quotation. The contractor shall work out the modalities of executing such additional work with the customer separately against extra charges for the same. The additional work undertaken may include but is not limited to, waterproofing, POP, crack filling, scaffolding for interior works, up-gradation to the superior grade of paint, etc.
  • The contractor guarantees to use only genuine products and to be procured only from an authorized dealer of Easy Painter.
  • The contractor will be responsible only for any defect that may arise out of poor workmanship. The contractor will not be responsible for performance issues caused by factors like construction defect, seepage, leakage, crack, normal wear and tear, algae and fungal growth, damage caused due to use of poor materials other than those used by the contractor, or damage caused by acts of nature, accidents, negligence, misuse, abuse, etc.
  • The customer must retain the original quotation and in case of any defect, the customer has to notify the contractor forthwith, which in any case shall not be later than 72 hours.
  • Upon receipt of a complaint, a supervisor/contractor will visit the site for inspection. Post-inspection of the site and upon confirmation and verification of all relevant documents if it is found by the supervisor /contractor that the claim made is valid and legitimate; the contractor undertakes the responsibility for rectifying the work in the affected area following this quotation. The decision of the supervisor /contractor in this respect shall be final.
  • Once the shade & painting system chosen and approved by the customer has been prepared /procured, any request for change in shade will incur an additional cost which will have to be borne by the customer. Later on, the customer cannot raise any complaint on the performance of the selected & approved painting system. It is further clarified that the shades in the shade tools, I .e., shade cards, books, fan-decks, etc., are only indicative and may vary when applied on the substrate.
  • The customer is requested to make the site exclusively available for the contractor while the painting job is processed, till completion. No other carpentry, masonry, civil, or fittings of internal and external work should be executed while the painting job is in process. Any cost escalations or job defects caused to such disruptions will be charged and which will have to be borne by the customer.
  • Work-related to the rectification of substrate undulations using masonry or POP work are outside the purview of the painting job.
  • The contractor shall not be responsible for the poor finish if the customer insists on the usage of a particular category of paint which is contrary to the recommendation of the contractor.
  • The contractor assures the utmost care of the customer’s belongings. The customer is requested to take due care any
    cash/valuables/breakables/documents, while painting is going on and the contractor will not be responsible for loss, misplacement, or breakage of
    any such item.
  • The contractor will not be responsible for any accidental or unintentional damage caused to the furniture and fixtures, paintings, tapestry, glass, utensils, etc.
  • Work will be carried out on all days except national holidays and scheduled off days. If the customer requires night working /off-hours working, charges will be extra.
  • Procurement of permissions from civil/civic/building authorities as required will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Work will be performed within the timeline unless postponed by strikes, accidents, extreme weather, acts of God, or other delays beyond the control of the contractor (force majeure).
  • The customer is requested to retain this document for his/her record and reference. Kindly quote Quotation Number in all communications.
  • Aforesaid terms and conditions are not subject to change unless duly amended in writing by the contractor.
  • Payment terms (unless otherwise negotiated differently with the contractor):
  1. 50% of the job Value is to be paid in advance before the commencement of the job
  2. 25% of the job Value on completion of 30% of the job
  3. 25% of the job Value before application of a final coat of paint
  • All payments have to be made in favor of the contractor.
  • The contractor reserves the right to suspend work if payment is not received as per the above schedule. In the event of any of the payments being delayed, the committed timeline cannot be guaranteed and the contractor shall not be held responsible for any such delay.
  • The customer understands and agrees that the final billing will be carried out based on the actual work and if the actual work is more than the estimated work, then the billing amount will be revised accordingly.
  • The customer understands and agrees that under no circumstances will there be any refund of the amount paid to the contractor.
  • This is a system-generated painting quotation and does not require a signature. This shall be deemed to be accepted by the Contractor and the customer, once Generated.
  • If the client needs compliance and taxes paid bill all compliance and taxes will be extra.
  • There are two kinds of warranties involved in the painting process. 1. Paint Product Warranty and 2. Service Warranty Paint Product warranty if applicable is directly provided by manufacturers of paint (with their terms & conditions ).

Our painting service warranty will be of 1 year in selected painting systems.

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